MaxRange TV Cable Portal


Simplify the installation of your new TV antenna. Our MaxRange TV Cable Portal eliminates the need to drill holes to pass the cable into your living space. Simply route the cable portal under the frame of a convenient window. The cable portal is 9 in. long and less than 1/8 in. thick. The window can be easily closed and locked over our flexible cable portal. Why drill holes when you don’t need to? Approved by landlords.

This product ships for free when you order it with a MaxRange TV Antenna!

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Connect your MaxRange TV antenna to your TV without needing to drill a hole through your wall. The MaxRange TV Cable Portal fits between an open window (top or bottom) and the window frame. The window can then be closed with the portal in place, avoiding the need to drill holes. The cable from the TV Antenna is then connected to the outside connector of the portal and the television cable is connected to the inside portal connector. Clean and simple! This product ships for free when you order it with the MaxRange Value, MaxRange Plus, or MaxRange Ultra TV Antenna.

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Weight .1 lbs
Dimensions 9 × 0.50 × 0.125 in