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Watch Even More FREE HDTV over-the-air programing. The MaxRange Ultra TV Antenna, including a reflector and a low noise amplifier, has a small size and attractive design that is intended to be used outdoors but can be used in an attic space. Very low weight and small surface area make for easy mounting wherever desired. Great for Urban and Suburban locations. Excellent results also obtained at rural locations. Picks up distant, deep-fringe TV Broadcast Stations.

Connect your MaxRange Ultra TV antenna to your TV without needing to drill a hole through your wall. The MaxRange TV Cable Portal fits between an open window (top or bottom) and the window frame. The window can then be closed with the portal in place, avoiding the need to drill holes. The cable from the TV Antenna is then connected to the outside connector of the portal and the television cable is connected to the inside portal connector. Clean and simple!

NEW! The MaxRange TV Try & Buy Service

We created the MaxRange TV Try & Buy service to help you save money and time on your HDTV antenna purchase. This service helps you know not only how many television channels you will be able to watch, it also demonstrates how good the picture will look on your TV!
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Watch all of the local and national over-the-air programming with your MaxRange Ultra TV Antenna:
  • News
  • Weather
  • Sports
  • Entertainment of all kinds
MaxRange Ultra Features:
  • The antenna reflector and amplifier adds antenna gain and directivity for greater signal strength.
  • Pull in even more signals from other nearby cities. (results will vary depending upon your antenna location)
  • Advanced Bi-Cone Design
  • Small Size (16in. x 25in. x 49in. when assembled)
  • Low weight, only 5 lb.
  • Low visual impact.
  • Easy Mount Mast Stub provided.
  • Rugged Construction with corrosion resistant materials (aluminum, stainless steel, fiberglass)
  • Made of aluminum rod, not tube and stainless steel fasteners, not flimsy rivets.
  • Watch what you want without the big monthly bill.
Need a simple way to install your new TV antenna without drilling a hole in your wall? Try our MaxRange TV Portal Cable! Download installation instructions here.

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Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 19 × 13 × 13 in
Shipping Weight

5, 7, 8

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