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With the Max Range antenna installed in my attic, and some helpful advice from Wayne, we now have 39 channels of broadcast TV! Good bye to cable TV price increases.

Dan B.
Canandaigua, NY

My wife and I just “cut the cord” with Directv and we could not be happier. Our antenna was recently installed and it’s one of the best investments we have made. I live in Lyons, and we are getting over 45 channels….from Rochester, Syracuse, even Elmira. These antennas really work and I highly recommend each of you to give one a try. In addition, Wayne goes above and beyond to make sure you will be satisfied with your purchase. He certainly is not a typical salesperson. He wants you to be happy with your investment. Thanks Wayne for all your help and dedication to your business.

Sal C.

On June 18 I installed the MaxRange TV Ultra Antenna and can’t believe how fantastic it works. I live in Lancaster, NY just outside Buffalo and I get 47 channels including some Canadian. Old channels and HD. Wayne Freiert was excellent in answering all my questions and assisting me. Excellent investment ! Highly recommend his company and American made products.

5 STARS *****

Don J

My wife and I were tired of constantly escalating monthly bills for service and paying for a long list of of channels we would never watch. We decided to return to TV free over the airwaves.

We needed an extraordinary antenna that could receive signals from a variety of broadcasters located in widespread locations with varying signal strengths. I approached Wayne Freiert, founder of Light Beam Antenna & Apparatus, LLC and sought his advice. After thoroughly analyzing our TV network, architecture and understanding the antenna location and geographic obstacles, Wayne proposed the MaxRange Ultra TV Antenna as a solution.

The antenna’s design characteristics made it the ideal solution for our application.

We received timely and effective recommendations from the staff throughout the process of design, installation and optimization of the components.

I would absolutely recommend MaxRange TV Antenna products and support for anyone with a desire to cut the cable or satellite TV cord!

Charles L.

Like many of you, we were unhappy about spending valuable resources on cable TV. TV does not rule our lives. Having access to hundreds of TV channels through other venues was not our thing. However, we were interested in receiving a few of the major network channels. I began to research the return to an TV antenna and came across MAXRANGETV.COM. I thought this could be the answer and it has been.

Right away I contacted the company and spoke with Wayne Freiert, owner of Light Beam Antenna & Apparatus, LLC. Wayne was informative and very interested in helping us secure the right antenna. He also suggested the appropriate additional equipment, helpful installation diagrams , and above all, lots of ongoing advice and tips about this MAXRANGE antenna system. Wayne is tops in the area of customer service and has gone well beyond what our expectations were as far as his knowledge, expertise and willingness to assist us.

We are still getting to know how this new technology “works” and Wayne has always been available to make sure we are informed. Additionally this antenna is American made, something we truly appreciate. Our suggestion for you is to call MAXRANGE and have a conversation with Wayne about his unique and money saving antenna system.

We now receive 27 channels FREE!

Bob and Sue M.

This antenna has proven to be a very exciting product for us in our home.  We now receive FREE TV from over the air.  We receive 45 different channels including all of the major networks such as ABC, CBS, NBC, PBS, FOX, ION, Grit, and more.  We receive stations from both Syracuse, NY and Rochester, NY.  Syracuse and Rochester are between 40 and 70 miles away.

Sornklin F.

Today’s technology offers a multitude of ways to view TV programs. As we all know there is a cost associated with the programming options afforded us.

I personally subscribe to a well known Cable Company which has become increasingly expense. I wanted to review what alternatives are available today. My discussion with Wayne Freiert, owner of Max Range TV, focused on what many of us grew up with, namely, the TV antenna.

Wayne offered to try the Max Range Ultra antenna at my house. This is one of the antennas he designed and manufactures. I accepted the offer and found it to perform very well. I subsequently purchased one and installed it.

I found the quality and performance were excellent. By the way it was cost effective and as we know once installed there is no monthly bill. It is also made in the USA.

I get 41 channels.

Thanks Wayne,

Don P.

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