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MaxRange Value TV Antenna

MaxRange Value TV Antenna

  • Urban and suburban locations
  • Within 25 miles of the TV station transmitter tower
  • Moderate to poor signal strength
MaxRange Plus TV Antenna

MaxRange Plus TV Antenna

  • Rural locations
  • Within 75 miles of the TV station transmitter tower
  • Weak signal strength
MaxRange Ultra TV Antenna

MaxRange Ultra TV Antenna

  • Far rural locations
  • Within 125 miles of the TV station transmitter tower
  • Deep fringe signal strength

NEW! The MaxRange TV Try & Buy Service

We created the MaxRange TV Try & Buy service to help you save money and time on your HDTV antenna purchase. This service helps you know not only how many television channels you will be able to watch, it also demonstrates how good the picture will look on your TV!

Product price varies with inclusion of accessories and services.

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Is cable included with the antenna?
A short, 18 inch long coaxial cable is included with ONLY the “Ultra” antenna. This connects the antenna to the low noise amplifier. You will need to buy your own cable to connect the antenna to your TV.
How much cable should I purchase?
The cable length depends on the distance between the TV and the antenna and the path the cable is routed.
What kind of cable should I purchase?
A good quality cable is very important. RG6 – CATV, low loss coaxial cable is best.
Where should I attach the cable to the antenna?
On the threaded coaxial F-Type connector located on the antenna assembly. coupling
Where do I attach it to the TV?
Refer to the TV Operators Manual
I have a bunch of questions about mounting the antenna. Help!
If you do not feel confident regarding the mounting of your new antenna, it is recommended that a professional antenna installer perform the final antenna location and mounting.
How should I adjust the antenna for best performance?
Each television is different. Please refer to the TV Operators Manual. The antenna will perform best when it is oriented in the direction of maximum signal strength as indicated by the TV Signal Strength Meter.

Download the installation instructions for your antenna below: